Carbon Fiber Repair

Repair Levels

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Repairs are categorized into four levels.

Factors that determine how damage is categorized include size, location, repair method that is required, hardware in the vicinity, and any rework that is required.

All repairs are backed by a lifetime transferable warranty.

Damage that is less than dime size (approx. 2.4 square centimeters). It is in an area of the frame that does not require special repair methods or hardware replacement. This damage typically appears as chips or small hairline cracks.

Damage that is larger than a dime size (approx 2.4 square centimeters) but smaller than a quarter (approx 5.75 square centimeters). Damage in this level is generally contained and does not require an entire tube or joint to be repaired. Common Level 2 damage appears as clean punctures and crushes that do not involve excessive layer delamination outside of the damaged area.

Damage includes cracks and fractures. This damage type does not exceed half of the tube structure and/or is no longer than three inches in length.

Damage that is more than three inches in length and/or exceeds more than half of the circumference of the tube. Any damage that involves complete fracture or requires portions of the area to be fabricated.

Paint Repair

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To ensure your frame repair is protected we offer various levels of paint repair. We require that the repair be painted for the warranty to be valid. We offer paint repairs that range from simple and economic to full paint restorations including graphics and logos. Our Valspar Automotive paint line provides the best color-matching technology with global color labs and tools for support.

Pre Shipment Repair Details

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All repairs must have a Repair/Paint Authorization (RPA) before being sent in for repair. This will be emailed to you after receiving an estimate and scheduling the repair with us. Only the individual item that is in need of repair should be sent in unless other required items or components are requested on the RA. Frames must be completely stripped down and in a clean state for repair.

Received Repairs

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Repairs can be tracked through the Repair Portal. Repair Portal logins are sent via email once the item is received and has been checked in.
Repairs vary in time, but most repairs take around two weeks to complete.
Rushed services are offered for qualifying repairs.

Repair Completion

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As frames enter the final stages of repair, invoices are sent to the email submitted on the estimate form for payment.

Repaired items are return and shipped pending completion and invoice payment. By default, frames will be returned to the sender’s address on the label when the frame was received unless otherwise requested. Items are return shipped in the same packaging and box as long as they are in good condition.

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Find A Partner Shop Near You

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Our network of partner shops makes it easy to find a shop near you to help with the repair process. They can assist with the build-up and break-down of your bike, packaging for shipment, or help with getting a repair started. Don’t see your favorite local bike shop? Let them know that they should join our network!