Carbon fiber is highly repairable so we are able to repair any and all carbon fiber damage. The limiting factor in repair is usually cost not feasibility.

Carbon repairs typically take around 1.5-2 weeks with paint repair included. The turnaround time on repairs is mainly dependent on the current repair volume in the shop though.

Our lowest carbon repair option is $150. Each and every bike’s damage varies so cost is determined on a case-by-case basis.

Most repairs do not require a deposit. Deposits may be requested on repairs that exceed $1000 in cost.

All frames must be broken down and in a clean state before a repair can be done. In some cases, only a partial breakdown is required but you will be notified if that’s the case for your frame.
We accept all carriers. Typically label purchasing services such as Bike Flights and Ship Bikes are the most economic source for purchasing your label.
Yes, you can with an appointment. You can contact us to set up an appointment that is convenient for you.
Yes. Bike shops are able to handle your repair for you and can be done through the portion of our website designed specifically for Bike Shops.
Yes. Typically you wont be able to notice that your frame was ever repaired.
Absolutely. We never send a frame out that isn’t repaired properly and will be safe to use.
Yes, we offer the industries only Lifetime Transferable Warranty without charge. Not only are you covered, but anyone to whom you may sell the bike will be covered as well.


Every custom paint job is unique so we will need to get you a personal estimate specific to your design. You can use our Flat Rate Paint calculator to find the cost of our most economic options.
We use automotive finishes to guarantee the best results for your frame. Our paint lines include Valspar Auto, DeBeer Finishes, House of Kolors, and Tamco.
Yes, our paint line uses the most advanced color-matching technology on the market.
This will depend on the paint options you choose. Our standard paint pricing includes the removal of all logos and graphics but does not include stripping all the paint off of the frame. If you would like to save a few grams of weight you will want to select our Weight Weenie option which takes your frame back down to bare carbon.
Absolutely! If it’s a bike or bike related, we can paint it no matter the material it is made of.
Yes. Most bike components can be painted to match your paint design.
For the longest-lasting finish, we recommend getting a gloss finish on your frame. Gloss finishes don’t show wear as easily as matte finishes. Also unlike matte finishes, gloss finishes can be polished up to remove any scuffs or scratches.
Yes, our paint work comes with a 1-year warranty for material defects and workmanship.


You can pay privately on your end through your invoice with card or ACH. We also accept PayPal, checks, and cash if in person.
Yes. When paying your invoice you can select the option to pay later through our payment partner.
No. Return shipping is added on to the repair cost at the end of the project. Shipping cost can fluctuate depending on box size, weight, destination, and the carriers volume.
Shipping costs vary and will depend on the destination, box size, weight, and current carrier volume. For the most economic option, we recommend shipping your frame in a frameset-sized box and purchasing your label through Bike Flights or Ship Bikes.
Yes by appointment. Just reach out to us about what day and time you would like to meet with us.
All shipments will have a base insured amount that will vary with the carrier. You can always request or purchase additional insurance.
If your bike is damaged in shipping, the sender of the package will need to contact the shipping service to start a claim. Be sure to take pictures of the exterior of the box, the packing material, and the damaged item.

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